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Tip Tuesday...

When to Toss That Old Makeup!

Happy New Year!!!! As we transition into a new year most of us have year-end traditions that we like to perform before entering a new year. For a lot of us that may include cleaning our home, by decluttering and clearing out our spaces to welcome new, light, free, and flowing energy into our atmosphere.

Whether you're a makeup enthusiast or not, there is one area that a lot of times we tend to “overlook” and that’s our makeup bag. I promise you I’m guilty of this myself!

But the mantra for the year that I want you to repeat after me…” I WILL CLEAN OUT MY MAKEUP BAG!!!” That includes makeup closets, bins, cubes, storage/chest units, drawers, and cabinets. Wherever your storing ancient old makeup (I bet you just found lipstick that’s 5 years old) it’s time to let it go.

Now take a deep breath and release... Woosah

After you’ve released a good laugh and exhaled,

Lets dive into why it’s so important to let go of old makeup, and if you’re not sure if or when a makeup product should be tossed so no need to worry, I’ve got your back! And I promise your skin will thank you later.

Have you ever walked into Sephora or Ulta hoping to receive some guidance on what products will work well for your skin type, and or what’s the right foundation shade or formula, only to end up leaving feeling more confused and or probably purchased products that you really didn’t need, or they weren’t even the correct fit for you.

Then, before you know it you have a mountain of products that you don’t use.

Throughout my years of working in the makeup industry especially retail, I’ve ran into several clients that talked about how they’ve recently used a mascara and for some reason they’re eyes felt super irritated after applying it, or their skin broke out after using a foundation.

The first few questions I ask include:

  • How old is the product their using?

  • If they’re using a tool to apply product, how often are they washing their makeup brushes?

  • If their using a Beauty Blender to apply their foundation, concealer, etc.…how old is the beauty blender?

  • When was the last time they swapped out their sponge for a new one?

Majority of the time all the answers are pretty much the same:

“I bought that foundation “x” years ago

“I bought and have been using the same sponge for almost a year and half…”

“My Mascara was purchased back in 2017…”

“I never wash my makeup brushes…”

I'll provide a couple of cheat points for expiration dates for when to toss that product:

  1. 3 months: Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner

  2. 6-12 Months: Anything Cream. Cream Foundations, Eyeshadows, Blush. Highlighters

Once we start to get pull back the layers and get to the root as to why their eyes are irritated from the mascara, and or why breakouts are happening from the foundation. We discover the skin is reacting to old products where the formulas on a chemical level have separated but also bacteria have now harvested and created their own dance party inside of their products and or beauty tools, and then there are times when we discover their skin is allergic to certain common ingredients found in makeup products, or maybe they're not fully removing all of their makeup and there's built up makeup residue

left on their skin.

When I used to work in retail, one of my favorite services to perform was personal makeup shopping services and makeup classes. I enjoyed helping clients to discover what worked for them and even discovering in certain cases it was just finding the proper tool(s) to help them to perfect applying eyeliner and or achieving that flawless foundation routine.

Allow me to help you on your makeup journey by shopping with you (and for you) then teach you how to use all your new products. No fear of a hard sale because I work for you.

Ready to get started?

Using the link below book a free 15 minute phone consultation for a Makeup Bag Makeover or Personal Beauty Shopping and let's clean out those makeup bags!

New blogs will drop every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday!

Until next time!

Always Remember...Chase Your Own Beauty

Much Love!



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