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Are You Using The Right Foundation For Your Skin?

Let's Face It...

Finding the right foundation for your skin type can be a bit of hassle especially when you have specific skin concerns/conditions and have a certain skin type.

People are born with their skin type, and it’s determined by their genetics and ethnicity. But skin can also change over time due to age, environment, daily habits, etc...

Skin Types include:

Dry, Normal, Combination, and oily. Sensitive skin is sometimes discussed as a skin type, but it’s primarily a condition.

When it comes to skin conditions, many internal and external factors can affect the condition of a person's skin, not just the result of one’s genetic makeup.

The most common skin conditions include:

  • Acne

  • Enlarged Pores

  • Rosacea

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Sun Damage

  • Texture

We wear foundation for several different reasons, but I noticed over the years the top reasons I heard from clients is they were looking to even out their skin tone and complexion so they could achieve a smoother and more flawless look.

I love makeup and the countless possibilities, but I always stress to my client’s that makeup should be used to enhance your look. The main goal is to ensure the canvas (your skin) under the foundation is healthy. So on days when you may not feel like putting on full coverage or you might be running low on time you can dab on some powder or a little bit of concealer and run out the door, or heck you may just leave out with a fresh face with no makeup because your skin has been well taken care of.

I’ve also had many clients that would prefer a light to medium foundation coverage because as soon as they hear the words “Full Coverage Foundation” they immediately say I don’t want anything that’s full coverage because I’m concerned about looking cakey and or heavy, and I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a mask.

When it comes to full coverage foundation its no so much about the product itself but more so about the technique and how it’s applied. This is a whole different topic that we will discuss later.

Now, you’re probably thinking…ok you named the concerns and different skin types, but when shopping which foundation is best for me?

The possibilities can feel overwhelming, so I decided to break this topic down into a two part blog series. Today we'll be discussing makeup for oily/combination skin.


Different formulas have been created for different skin types.

For example, if you have oily skin, it’s best to gear towards formulas such as:

Whipped Foundation (aka mousse foundation):

Great for combination skin and skin with texture. It can help to balance the skin by hydrating but also helps to regulate oil production especially in the T-Zone area.

Here are a couple of whipped foundations listed below:

Oil-Free Liquid Foundation:

Great for oily and combination skin during the summer. Helps to absorb oil and smooth out skin. Usually provides light to-medium coverage.

Examples of Oil-Free Foundation:

Oil-Free Cream Foundation:

For normal to oily skin. Helps to absorb oil and provides medium to full coverage. A great choice for acne and large pores.

Examples of Oil Free Cream Foundations:

Oil Free Powder Compact:

For oily skin. Provides medium to full coverage and because it’s in compact form they make the perfect on the go makeup, especially for touch-ups.

Oil Free Powder Compacts:

Mineral Powders: Recommended for extremely oily skin.

I typically advise clients to air on the side of caution with these because the oil in your skin can cause the color of the powder to change. There are times where this can also cause the powder to become dry and pasty. Very little goes a long way.

Mineral Powder Recommendations:

Please Note....

The suggestions mentioned above are just recommendations.

Please keep in mind the products mentioned above may or may not work best for your skin. As the consumer you know your skin better than anyone else. I always encourage everyone to research products to ensure they will be the best fit for them.

Still not sure which foundation is right for you? Don't worry, I've got you covered!

Using the link below book a free 15 minute phone consultation for a Makeup Bag Makeover or Personal Beauty Shopping and let's clean out those makeup bags, and or discover the right look for you!

New blogs will drop every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday!

Until next time!

Always Remember...Chase Your Own Beauty

Much Love!



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